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Splunk Internship

Splunk Internship


2022 Summer


UX Designer


Dashboard Design, Enterprise UX


During my summer internship at Splunk in 2022, I led the UI redesign for the internal admin portal on Splunkbase. The project aimed to streamline the application review process, improving operational efficiency and usability for administrators.


  • The UI design was outdated

  • The dashboard was cluttered with unnecessary information

  • Missing key functionalities caused administrators to spend more time on tasks


Simplified the dashboard by removing unnecessary details and modernized the UI interface


Preserving Essential Experiences

Preserving Essential Experiences

Preserving Essential Experiences

Time Pressure

With the 10-week time frame, I needed to reserve time for the engineer intern to build the prototype. We didn’t have enough time to fully understand the platform but had to start generating the design.

Saving Resources

As the admin dashboard is an internal tool, we might want to eliminate our resources to redesign the dashboard. Also, without a clear understanding of the context, it is too early to propose big changes on the dashboard design.


Elevate UI Aesthetics

Transform the dashboard UI into a modern, sleek interface by utilizing the latest design system.

Streamline Communication

Develop a new information hierarchy that saves time for Splunk admins in locating developer contact information.

Accelerate Status Updates

The new design enables Splunk admins to directly update the status of each submission, significantly improving the efficiency of the app review process


As the admin dashboard is an internal tool, it’s essential to allocate resources efficiently for its redesign. However, without a clear understanding of the context, proposing significant changes prematurely could be counterproductive. Therefore, the focus was on making impactful yet manageable improvements to enhance usability and efficiency.


This is the recording of myself delivering my internship project's presentation to the Splunk design team. If you'd like to delve deeper into this project. You can find some of the slides here we developed during the course of the project.



Communication is a core skill I am continually working to improve as a designer. This internship provided numerous opportunities to engage with various stakeholders. I practiced communicating effectively in different scenarios, including group discussions, user interviews, and user testing.


I drew inspiration from other interns, designers, and researchers during their presentations and demonstrations. Observing their feedback and participation in design critique sessions enriched my understanding and approach to effective presentation.

© Designed by Jacky Lo

© Designed by Jacky Lo

© Designed by Jacky Lo