Day 8 - Learning Day

9 Jul 2023

Work hours: 2 hrs

I didn't work a lot today. I decided to take a step back and dedicate some time to expand my knowledge and explore the fascinating world of UX. It's important to pause and absorb new insights to fuel our creative journey.

One of my favorite ways to find inspiration is by reading Chinese articles. I've noticed that the Western and Eastern perspectives on UX can differ, and it's exciting to explore those contrasting viewpoints. While English remains my primary language for learning, I will spend some time to search for Chinese resources to maintain a balance and gain fresh insights. Being able to read in my mother tongue, Cantonese, adds an extra layer of depth and understanding to the articles.

In my exploration, I came across a fascinating chart in one of the articles that categorizes different types of experiences. It caught my attention and provided a fresh perspective on how experiences can be classified. Take a look:

I found this categorization quite interesting and thought-provoking. It encourages me to think beyond the surface level and delve deeper into the various dimensions of user experiences.

Here are the articles I read and videos I watched today:

  1. 從用戶體驗到體驗設計範式轉變

  2. 一個UI按鈕的自我修養

  3. How to NOT Suck at UI Design - April 2021

  4. How to NOT Suck in UI Design - June 2021

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© Designed by Jacky Lo

© Designed by Jacky Lo