Day 7 - Design system and typography (Part III)

7 Jul 2023

Work hours: 2.5 hrs

Today, I made some progress on my design system by focusing on developing the typography scale. To create the scale, I decided to use the golden ratio. You may notice that there aren't many variations in terms of size compared to other ratio systems. I've always been intrigued by the golden ratio and wanted to try incorporating it into my designs. I've seen many designers utilize it, but in the past, I found it challenging to apply. However, this time, I was determined to make it work.

In addition to the typography scale, I also created a grid system tailored for the responsive design of my website. Having a solid grid foundation will help me maintain consistency and alignment across different screen sizes.

After completing these tasks, I took a moment to pause and think about my next steps. I've decided that exploring web layouts will be my next focus. By understanding different layout structures, I'll have a clearer vision of the components I need to include in my design system.

Here are the videos I watched today to gain inspiration and expand my knowledge:

  1. Figma Tutorial: Create the Perfect Typography Scale for UI & Web Projects (IN 10 MINUTES) - Part 1

  2. How to Create UNIQUE Websites

  3. 10 Web Design Layout Ideas for Inspiration

  4. Framer's AI Web Builder: Explained & Honest Thoughts

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© Designed by Jacky Lo

© Designed by Jacky Lo