Day 2: Who am I as a designer?

1 Jul 2023

Work hours: 3hrs

Finding my artistic voice has been one of my major goals over the past year. It all started with an inspiring comment from my foundation class professor at SCAD, who taught me drawing when I was a freshman. He emphasized that it's not about searching for a specific style, but rather developing a design philosophy that reflects who we are and what we believe. Since then, I've been constantly exploring how to apply this concept to UX design.

With the portfolio website being a reflection of myself, I understand that before diving into the design concept, I need to answer a fundamental question:

Who am I, and what do I believe in?

To gain insights into developing artistic voices, I delved into research and found two particularly inspiring YouTube videos.

The "Finding Your Artistic Voice" by Ian Robert provides a profound explanation of why having an artistic voice is crucial. From my initial research, I learned that an artistic voice is often discussed in the context of painters. Ian suggests that our artistic voice is the means by which we articulate our deeper thoughts and ideas. Additionally, he mentions that the meaning of a composition to intentionally put things together to serve specific purposes. This insightful explanation led me to contemplate the concept of "composition in experience," where designers bring together various elements to craft the optimal user experience—a monumental task I aim to achieve.

Another informative video I came across was "Develop Your Unique Artistic Voice" by Matt Tommey. He shares three valuable tips that help artists develop their artistic voices. While I won't delve into all of them, I resonate with his point about creating a dedicated studio space, treating it as essential as a kitchen or living room in our apartments. This commitment and dedication to establishing a "work zone" can be a motivating factor that gradually leads to personal growth in the artistic realm.

After watching these videos, I feel I've made a solid start in contemplating and discovering my own artistic voice as a product designer. I understand that the process will likely be lengthy, taking years to uncover my true answer. However, that's perfectly fine as I don't need to have all the answers right away. A general direction will suffice as a starting point to develop the concept for my website.

Continuing my research, I looked into daily practices I can adopt as a UX designer and I found this article. A designer shares her daily practice routine for honing UX skills. The content is highly practical, and she provides numerous excellent resources. For fellow UX designers considering incorporating daily practice into their routines, I highly recommend giving it a read.

Practicing UX design can sometimes feel abstract to me. Unlike traditional design disciplines like drawing or graphic design, UX involves many non-design elements that are crucial to our daily work, such as user research. At times, I find myself unsure of what areas I should focus on to enhance my skill set as a product designer, considering the multifaceted demands of the job. This article gave me numerous ideas on what I can practice, and I plan to reflect on them further. Perhaps in the future, I'll share more about my experiences in this regard.

Lastly, I have one more thing I'd like to share. I realize that while this blog is meant to document the design process of redesigning my portfolio website, the content may not always revolve solely around web design. And that's intentional. Design should encompass the unorganized and even chaotic aspects. It can be diverse and seemingly unrelated. I have no idea what the outcome of my new portfolio website will look like, and I'm uncertain if what I'm currently doing directly contributes to its design. My aim is to present the raw and organic content, offering a glimpse into the complete, authentic design process while being as detailed as possible.

When this project concludes (whenever that may be), I plan to organize and restructure the content to summarize my journey. Thank you for reading this.

© Designed by Jacky Lo

© Designed by Jacky Lo

© Designed by Jacky Lo