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Google Maps Mobile App Redesign




10 weeks


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Solo Product Designer


Travel & Tourism

The challenge

The challenge

Google Maps is an essential tool for millions of users worldwide, yet its user interface and information hierarchy present opportunities for improvement. My focus in this case study is the “Navigation” feature, aiming to answer the question: How might we navigate the world faster and easier with Google Maps?

Our solution

Our solution

By analyzing the current UI and information hierarchy, I identified pain points and proposed a new design to streamline the navigation experience, making it more intuitive and efficient for users.

The Vision

"Redesign Google Maps to provide users with a seamless and intuitive navigation experience. By simplifying the interface and enhancing the information hierarchy, we aim to make navigating the world faster, easier, and more efficient for travellers."

Original Design

New Design

Target User - Visitors

Who are they?

They visit to an unfamiliar place and they use google maps for navigating and exploring the location

Persona - John Hui

Key Findings

John Hui is an international student from Hong Kong, visiting Savannah for the first time as part of an exchange study program. Navigating a new city can be daunting, but John relies on Google Maps regularly to help him find his way around.

His frequent use of the app highlights the need for a user-friendly and efficient navigation experience, essential for someone unfamiliar with the local area.

The deliverables

“An evolution of the administrative dashboard allows at-a-glance access to the crucial information for the specific needs of Splunkbase administrators on one platform.”

Simplified the UI and Upgraded the Basic Functions

  • Redesigned the dashboard UI with a modern and sleek design.

  • Simplified the table by removing the unnecessarily information based on the user feedback

  • Upgrade the basic functions such as filtering and sorting.

Streamline Communication

  • Develop a new information hierarchy to saves time for Splunk admins in locating developer contact information.

Introduce a New Status System

  • Allows Splunk admins to directly update the status of each submission, significantly improving the efficiency of the app review process.

My Takeaways

Design to communicate

  • Improving communication is a core skill I focus on as a designer. My internship offered numerous opportunities to engage with different stakeholders, highlighting how design can facilitate meaningful discussions and foster insightful conversations throughout the collaboration process.

From design to production

  • This internship gave me a comprehensive understanding of the design process, from initial concept to final production. I gained a broader perspective, learning to view product design not only from a designer’s standpoint but also appreciating the business impact through a PM’s perspective and the technical challenges faced by developers.

Last Update 2024-07-02

Last Update 2024-07-02

Last Update 2024-07-02

Let's craft the experience together.

Let's craft the experience together.

Let's craft the experience together.